Multiple Teams · Tigard Volleyball focuses on plans for August

July 13, 2020

Dear Tigard Volleyball Families, 

Your coaching staff would like to give you an update on our summer workouts and fall planning. As your coaches, we are required to follow all the OSAA and district guidelines, and consider the safety of our players and coaches in all of our decisions, while meanwhile doing our best to prepare for the season. At this time, there is no guarantee that we will be able to have a fall season regardless of how much we want it to happen. Our plan is to be prepared for tryouts, as usual, keeping in mind that we may need to make adjustments along the way.


Some of the ways that we have been preparing for the upcoming season have been through virtual program meetings. In these meetings, we connect with each other, share key information about upcoming dates and plans, discuss and learn about a volleyball related topic, and do a work out together. Some of the topics we have covered in our meetings so far include keys for training for volleyball like specificity and progressive overload, hitting footwork, transition footwork, and blocking footwork. We have recently created accountability teams of 4-5 players to help create more of a sense of community and competition as we train from home. We have also been sharing a summer workout program that players should be doing most days of the week on their own.


Our county is currently still in Phase 1. According to OSAA, in phase 1, cohorts are limited to groups of 10 and players cannot use any of the same volleyballs or other equipment. 

This presents us with some bodyweight conditioning opportunities but they are very limited. We feel that it is safer to do virtual and at-home workouts during phase 1. For this reason, we have taken all July open gym dates off the calendar and we have moved the team camp date to August 10-13th in hopes that we will be able to play. This year, we will not be charging a registration fee for team camp. We will be running the camp ourselves in order to keep costs down. 


The OSAA recently sent out a memo that had key information regarding the requirement for a physical exam in order to be eligible to play. As your coaches, we had hoped we would already have clarification. The memo reads: 

Pre-Participation Physical Exam Requirement This requirement isn’t an OSAA policy, but rather included in state statute and cannot be modified by OSAA. Staff has remained in contact with ODE regarding issues for students in obtaining Pre- Participation Physical Exams due to the state of the medical industry. Language for a possible extension for students that have an exam set to expire for the 2020-21 school year may be addressed at the Legislature’s next special session. Students that haven’t had an exam before would still need to meet the requirement prior to participation. The OSAA will send an update to member schools if a change occurs. Remember that until that happens, the current requirement remains in place.


What this means for us: To be ready to potentially start playing on August 17th, all incoming freshman and juniors (and anyone else who didn’t get a physical last year) will need to make an appointment with their primary care physician to have a physical exam and have their doctor fill out the physical exam form. We recognize that this is even more difficult than usual, so we advise making an appointment as soon as possible. 


In summary, July open gyms have been canceled and Team Camp has been rescheduled for August 10-13th (the week before tryouts). We will continue virtual program meetings and begin including incoming freshmen in these meetings. We will continue to adjust as the information and guidelines change and make decisions to the best of our ability for our program and volleyball community. 


Please continue to use any of these mediums to receive updates as they become available: 

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